Without Fear You Can Carry These 5 Discreet Weapons Almost Anywhere

  • Recently, I came across an interesting article about everyday items you can use for self defense. As the author says, “it would be nice to be able to carry a concealed firearm with you wherever you go.” As we all know in many places and circumstances that’s simply not possible. Not only are you the first target if you have a weapon someone notices when they come in to attack a group, the security at that place may confiscate your weapon before you even get a chance to use it. Graywolf Survival over at graywolfsurvival.com has laid out 5 weapons that you can carry with you just about anywhere to be able to protect yourself.

    Let’s face it: it would be nice to be able to carry a concealed firearm with you wherever you go to be able to protect yourself and your family from any of the millions of crazy people in the world who don’t have your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

    Some governments have decided that it is up to only a chosen few to be able to do that and if you’re not lucky enough to be one of those chosen few, you need to hope that you happen to have one in the room if something happens – and hope they can take care of it on their own.

    As they say, “when seconds count, cops are just minutes away.”

    Luckily, there are weapons that you can carry pretty much anywhere, into pretty much any establishment. These weapons also don’t draw attention to yourself, so even though they’re out in the open, they’re effectively concealed. Last thing you want is to be the first target when someone decides to attack a room.

    I get asked a lot of self-protection questions on Graywolf Survival but this particular one keeps coming up so I figured I’d sit down and write some ideas up. Just keep in mind that these are just five ideas, but they should spur your imagination to figure out something that would work better for you and where you’re going.

    I’ve also tried to find five that would be the least likely to draw suspicion by someone carrying them. Some things that people sometimes carry as improvised weapons, like a baseball bat, screwdriver, or key ring kubaton, will still be confiscated if those in power deem them as weapons.

    I’ve also purposely left off things that hide weapons such as cane with a hidden sword or lipstick with a hidden stun gun because carrying those into places where you’re not allowed to have a weapon can get you into a lot of trouble. I used to carry a T-handle, swivel spark plug wrench when I rode my Harley to seedy biker joints in the past but it was only as discreet as you could fool someone into thinking it was for wrenching.

    1) Newspaper/magazine

    This is probably the most inconspicuous weapon of the group but with some training it can be extremely effective. It’s an improvised weapon that’s been taught to special forces and intelligence operatives for generations. Colloquially, used as a weapon, a lot of people refer to it as a Millwall Brick.

    The key is rolling it up tight and holding it in the right spot. If you roll it toward the fold, you won’t have all the pages layered out alongside it so it’ll hold up better (like I have in the picture above). You can also pre-roll it and keep it tight with rubber bands too, which would make it very effective, but now you’re starting to lose the inconspicuousness of it.

    Here’s a quick video that shows just how easily it can be used:

    2) Flashlight

    They make a lot of flashlights like the Surefire 6PX Defender now that have a strike bezel in the front that allow you to dig into an opponent while striking them. You can see it in the front of this image:

    As you can see, that would probably hurt if you got hit by it. The problem is, that will also draw attention to you and some places don’t allow them because they consider them weapons – and rightly so; there is no other use for that tip than as a weapon.


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