What You Need To Know About The Right Tools In Your Survival Bug Out Bag

  • The basic tools you need for survival and your survival Bug Out Bag are simple but essential items. A simple knife is very important tool for survival. Here is an amazing article by Tammy Trayer over at trayerwilderness.com that will explain the survival tools you will need.

    Importance of Proper Gear in your Survival Pack

    This is SO important! Having the right things in your pack is comparable to wearing the right shoes in a race!

    You wouldn’t run a race in ski boots and you need to take what you are putting in your pack very seriously.

    There are essential things that you need to consider. Let’s break them down.

    Things you NEED to have:

    Something to provide shelter such as a tarp or additional clothing to keep you warm
    A means of fire starting
    A means of boiling water or purifying water
    A Knife or Multitool
    These are of utmost importance. You can only go 3 days without water and it is not safe to drink water without purifying it. Without a way of keeping your body warm, your core temperature will drop and hypothermia will set in. You can go longer without food, but with a sharp tool you have a way of harvesting food and also processing it, if need be.

    Our family has two different packs, our pack we carry all the time which is a short term pack and would get us by for 3+ days with the supplies as well as our knowledge. We also have our long term pack which is equipped with not only our necessities, but additional items to prolong our stay in the elements.

    I carry multiple knives, fire starting devices, and tools because for one they are essential items, if one fails I have multiples and often my items are multi purpose which we will discuss further, but can be utilized in varying ways.You never want to be stuck in a situation without a knife, a way of making fire or a way to sterilize water.

    So now you know what I carry in my short term pack and dependent where you are or your desires you may include different items. I hope this has helped you in establishing some of the essentials for wilderness survival and in my next post we will dig even deeper here How We Choose The Right Gear.

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