Ways To Blend In – 5 Tips From A Senior Counterintelligence Agent

  • Graywolf, of Graywolf Survival is the person I’m talking about, and he has some great information on how to blend in, and this information may very well save your life someday. Whether you’re traveling overseas in an area that has a high crime rate (including kidnappings) or are trying to maneuver your way through a dangerous area during a natural disaster or even after SHTF, this information is very important.

    The Art of Blending in: 5 Tips from a Counterintelligence Special Agent

    As some of you know, before I was a blogger, I spent many years as a Counterintelligence Agent, training and working with some of the best government agents and Special Forces personnel in the world. Most of that involved either conducting surveillance or counter-surveillance or activities where you had to know how blend in or find people trying to blend in.

    Over the years, I saw some pretty common mistakes when it comes to doing things that give you away to someone who may be targeting you in situations that you may actually face someday.

    This post won’t make you into a secret agent, but it may be the one thing that saves your life, whether you find yourself in a short-term natural disaster, are traveling through a foreign country with a high kidnapping rate, or even if some worst-case event happens and you find yourself living in a collapsed society like we’ve seen in several countries around the world.

    1. Demeanor is your biggest ally and your biggest enemy
    2. Dressing for OPSEC doesn’t mean a disguise
    3. Don’t let your guard down at home
    4. Don’t give away your capabilities
    5. If you look vulnerable, you look like a target

    Find more about these 5 tips for blending in here…

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