The Basics of a Great 72 Hour Survival Kit or Bug Out Bag

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  • The following article from “Homestead Dreamer” provides awesome advice for preparing enough supplies such as food and water for the 72 hours. While there are many things to go into your “Go Bag” the information below from Homestead Dreamer with concentrate on preparing for food and water as part of your 72 hours survival planning. Since everyone and every family has their likes and dislikes when it comes to food the information does not specify specific foods. So the food you select should be based on your likes and how long the food type will last. Your choice.

    72 Hour Bug Out Bag – Infographic

    When it comes to emergency preparedness, water and food are usually on the top of the list for most people. They may stock shelves with long term food supplies and gallons of water or have a well stocked pantry with a year’s worth of food. These are excellent practices because you just never know when something crazy may happen whether that is nature-made or man-made. But what about if you are not home when disaster strikes? What if you are at work that takes a 45 commute to get to? On foot, that would take you days to get back home and that is only one very likely scenario. It is important to have 72 hours, or 3 days, worth of supplies ready to go in a “Go Bag,” “Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag,” or a “Bug Out Bag (BOB).

    For us, we each have an ‘Everyday Carry Bag’ and there is a ‘Go Bag’ in the vehicle packed for 2. In both types the goal is the same: Having enough supplies to keep you going until you get to a safe place. While there are many items in these bags, we will focus solely on food and water in this article. I will not presume to tell people exactly what food to put into their bags! Everyone is different and many have special dietary needs. Some people make their own pemmican, or granola bars. Others buy freeze dried pouches of food and still others will dehydrate and package their own ‘emergency food.’ I will however, tell you what we put in ours! Before we get to that though, there are some things one should consider before tossing some food and a water filter into a bag and calling it good.

    These include: cooking method, weight, nutritional value/caloric count, taste, and cost.

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