Stuff Your Urban Survival Bug Out Bag With Things From Home Depot

  • This┬ávideo shares a great deal of information on preparing an urban survival bug out bag with stuff from Home Depot. The contents you find in this video will be helpful if you had only this bag with its content which should last in a situation like post-Hurricane Sandy or Katrina. This is not meant to be a wilderness survival kit or Bug Out Bag.

    Keep in mind that this is a Bug Out Bag that will help you stay alive during an urban disaster where you are unable to get home.

    This bag includes things like: twisted mason line, knife, water, firestarter, N95 masks, beef jerky, lighters, headlamp, screwdriver, thermos, folding saw, sharpening stone, multitool, tarp, latex gloves, trash bags, and much, much more.

    Watch the video, Home Depot Urban Survival Kit: Bug Out Bag…

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