Relax With Nature In This Cozy Swing Bed With A Canopy

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  • This cozy swing bed with a canopy provides a great to relax with the comfort of your own bed while being close to nature. It will fit anywhere on your Homestead and with the canopy you do not even have to worry about the sun. This canopy is a removable and a unique idea to relax in nature without the sun shine on you. The width of the bed is 160cm and provides enough space for two people. The hammock can be installed easily making it ready for use immediately. Its dimensions are: 340 x 160 x 175 cm (length x width x height)and can support a weight up to 200kg. The base is made out of the finest wood and the roof and floor are made of polyester. All the items come in a package together with the illustrated assembly instructions, so you can build the hammock yourself. We are sure this swing bed with the canopy will become the favorite place to relax after a hard day of work.


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