Four Simple Ways To Purify Water During A Survival Situation

  • Boiling Water To Purify

    When water you are thinking about drinking is possibly riddled with bacteria and parasites, you can not afford to skip the water purification process. In those situations' where water quality is questionable (being in the survival situation, wilderness, or recovering from a disaster) the very last thing that you want to happen is to get sick from drinking bad water. Chris Black over at has spelled out 4 different ways to handle water that is questionable and purifying the water.

    Through the years, I've heard many stories, horrible stories, about campers stranded out in the wild for days and days on end. Some of them never made it back to civilization, but those who survived and got back to tell the tale managed to find themselves a steady supply of the one thing that we can't live without: clean water.

    Unlike food, we can live without water for just a few days. If we're in an extremely hot environment; that days can be cut to as little as just a few hours.

    The problem with surviving for extended periods of time in the wilderness is that there's no way that you can carry enough water, equipment and food with you to last for weeks. Hence, if you're a prepper who knows his priorities, you already know that you need to acquire the survival skills (and tools) to find what you need in the wile, before you boldly go where no camper has gone before.

    Let's face it; it's much easier to find and purify available water on the spot than it is to carry the weight that an adequate supply of potable water in the wilderness would mean. In fact, I'll have to say that that's pretty much impossible, as I told you before.

    There are four ways of procuring and purifying water in the wild in order to mitigate the risk of contamination with bacteria, or other parasites.

    Learn more about the four ways to purify water in a survival situation whether at home or in the wilderness in the original article by Chris Black over at

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