Nothing Better Than This Off-The-Grid Hot Water Rain Shower

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  • Everyone loves to take a hot water shower to bathe and relax. I know I love to let the hot water run on the back of my neck and shoulders and run down my back. The hotter the better. Most Homesteaders living off-grid have some form of a hot water shower. Some collect rain water for the shower and others pump the water out of the ground. I want to share Darrell's hot water rain shower with you.

    Darrell live off-grid and is a wildlife enthusiasts. He has built his on Homestead and added a hot water rain shower that does not require electricity to work. He uses propane and a hot water exchanger to make the hot water from rain water he collects in a large storage tank.

    Off-Grid Hot Water Rain Shower


    Watch the video and let's Look At Darrell's hot water rain shower and how it works…

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