Make 28 Tools From JUST Plants

  • I found and decided to share these 28 tools that can be made from plants you can find in the wild. This list was put together by those over at The list contains items like containers, vessels & utensils, hunting and trapping tools, survival tools and techniques, and shelter & structures. A video is provided showing how to make each these tools.

    28 Tools That Can Be Made From JUST Plants

    Imagine. You’re stuck in the woods with nothing but a knife and the clothes on your back. No food. No shelter. Nada.

    Would you be able to survive? How long do you think you would last? Would you know how to set up camp and make all of the tools and materials you would need to stay alive until help arrived or it was safe to leave (depending on the scenario)?

    We hope we never find ourselves in such a desperate predicament. But time and time again we read stories about some poor person (or family) who by one reason or another found themselves struggling for survival. Will it be you next? Let’s hope not. But just in case, we’ve put together a pretty awesome list of things you can learn to make in the wilderness to greatly improve your chances of making it home alive.

    These techniques don’t have to be saved for survival only. Anyone interested in self-reliance and homesteading would greatly benefit from mastering these skills and crafts.

    Watch. Learn. Practice.

    Gourds have been used by Native Americans for storing nuts, seeds, grains, and various other items. These are better for storing small items than baskets, which have gaps the seeds could fall through.

    A Dipping Gourd for Water

    When crafted properly, a gourd can also make a pretty sweet water container or dipper. It’s important that you learn how to do it right so you don’t have a funny taste left in your drinking water.

    How To Make A T-Bar Snare For Small Game

    Here’s a fairly simple and effective way to catch rabbits and other small game. The only tool you really need is a knife for construction.

    Make A Bushcraft Mallet

    Mallets are great for pounding poles into the ground to make shelters, fencing, traps, etc. You’ll need a hatchet or an ax to get the job done right.

    Read more about the other the tools you can make out of plants found in the wilderness…



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