Magical Eco-Friendly Hobbit Homes Can Be Buried In Your Backyard

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  • Prefabricated Eco-Friendly Hobbit Homes are gaining a lot of interest in the tiny house community. The video on the next page will share an amazing Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House interior and discuss the advantage of the Eco house. Living in a 400-square-foot tiny home that is eco-friendly and energy-efficient could be a dream come true. A company called, Magic Green Homes fabricates prefabricated hobbit houses with panels that are designed to be covered with soil, creating flexible green-roofed living spaces. 

    Watch the video on the next page to discover magical Eco-Friendly Hobbit Homes.

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    21 thoughts on “Magical Eco-Friendly Hobbit Homes Can Be Buried In Your Backyard

    1. Website spell checker, there is a change to be made…fabricates prefabricated hobbit houses shown above with panels that are designed to by covered ….I is it meant to read, designed to BE covered

    2. In a wet, rainy climate the overhang for the doors is not big enough. You would need some type of cover to prevent water from running right into the house. This could be easily fixed in the molding process.

    3. There is no ribbing to stop the soil from sliding. With a slick surface like what is shown, you’ll have a hard time keeping anything on top unless it’s just about flat. Log cabins with sod roofs have the same problem.

    4. I visited your website, seems all that is shown is photo shopped CAD pics placed on top of pretty backgrounds. Do you have any actual photos of these homes that were built and are occupied? Also, you say they are Eco-friendly, yet they are manufactured of noxious chemicals, “space-age composites”, seems counter productive to me. Lastly, how about some pricing info.

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