Best Ways To Survive An Attack By A Bear

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    My closest encounter with a bear was at our camp site in the Smoky Mountains. It was early in the morning when a bear approached our tent looking for food. As the family feared the worst if the bear was to entered our tent I assured them that we could escape out the back of the tent using a knife to cut a hole in the tent. That really did not make them feel safe. Fortunately the bear turned around and attacked our Coleman cooler that was sitting on the table. He mauled the cooler, opening it, and ate most of the food. It was a very scary situation for me and my family. Jeremy Knauff Over At “How To Survive It” does an excellent job sharing some of the best ways to survive a bear attack. If only I had heeded his advice to avoid them and stay calm.

    National Geographic reported April 15, 2014, “Black bear attacks are on the rise in Florida, warn wildlife officials.” I live in Florida and I have seen several bear crossing signs on the side of the roads around some of the northern and central state parks.

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    While humans enjoy our position at the top of the food chain, it’s largely thanks to our intellect and ability to use tools that go bang. That makes an unarmed encounter with a true apex predator like a bear less than optimal. Here in Florida we don’t need to worry too much about bears because they are relatively small and non-aggressive. I once ran into one in the woods at night and it took off like it owed me money. Folks in areas with larger, more aggressive bears like grizzly, brown, or black bears might not be so lucky.

    Avoid them

    The surest way to survive a bear attack is not to be attacked in the first place. Most attacks occur when people stumble upon a bear and startle them, which triggers their natural fight or flight reaction. You can avoid this by making plenty of noise; try talking loudly, walking heavily, or even hang bells or pots from your pack.

    When all else fails…

    Make sure someone in your group runs slower than you.

    Read about more ways to survive a bear attack through the original article over at “How To Survive It” by author Jeremy Knauff.

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