How to retrofit An “Adventure Truck” With A Bed And Storage System

  • Tyler Thompson modified his Toyota Tacoma to meet all of his travel needs. He built a wooden pull-out drawer system that runs the length of the truck bed, with dividers that is used to keep all of his gear organized. On top of the drawer he’s put a small mattress to sleep on, so he would not need a tent or sleeping bag. He installed two LED lights onto the canopy door, which provide light without needing to keep the car’s battery running, as well as a handle so it can be closed easier from inside. Finally, he outfitted the sleeping area with two speakers, so that he can listen to tunes while he’s just hanging out with the many people he will probably meet by using the car as a conversation piece on his travels.

    Follow along as Tyler Thompson shows you how he modified his Toyota Tacoma as an Adventure Truck.

    The frame of the drawer system with ball bearings for the drawer slides installed.

    1_Adventure Truck

    Photo/Caption: By TylerThompson21

    The frame is bolted together with angle iron for easy removal. You can see the t-nuts I used to bolt the bearings in place.

    2_Adventure Truck

    Photo/Caption: By TylerThompson21

    I used old skateboard bearings for the drawer slides. They were free and can handle a lot of weight.

    3_Adventure Truck

    I used 1×1 square tubing for the drawer slide.

    4_Adventure Truck

    Photo/Caption: By TylerThompson21

    The drawer and the top sheet installed.

    5_Adventure Truck

    Photo/Caption: By TylerThompson21

    The drawer with dividers and a lockable handle (the handle is meant for truck boxes)

    6_Adventure Truck

    Photo/Caption: By TylerThompson21

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