How To Make An Easy DIY Kitchen Compost Bin System For Composting Indoors

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  • You really do not need an outdoor compost pile or a dedicated outside bin to use for comporting. Believe it or not, you can easily create compost inside by making a simple indoor composting bin. All you need is a simple plastic container that you can buy at Walmart or Target. The key to making a compost bin indoors is to find some red worms to help accelerate the composting process. Riley over at Pioneer Settler has published a great process for making a kitchen compost bin for composting indoors.

    How To Make a Kitchen Compost Bin | Homesteading Tips

    What do you envision when you think about composting? I’m sure the picture that you see in your mind is a pile in the garden or backyard right? But what if you’re in an apartment and would like to do composting? Should space stop you? Definitely not! Composting doesn’t always require a big space and the outdoors. If you really want to start DIY composting, all you’ll need is a container and you compost materials. If you’re curious as to how you can pull this off, just follow the steps below!

    How To Make a Kitchen Compost Bin | Homesteading Tips

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