How To Make 8 Primitive Weapons

  • Sling

    Slings have been used for hunting small game as well as in combat. The most famous use of a sling is recorded in the Bible’s story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:32-50); David, the shepherd, rises to the challenge of the Philistine’s prized warrior, Goliath, tallest and biggest man on the battlefield. David arms his sling with a rock, whirls it overhead, and let’s the rock fly — it hits dead on target, colliding with Goliath’s skull, and he falls to the ground dead.

    Shepherds throughout history used a sling to help protect livestock, namely sheep from predators such as wolves and lions. If all shepherds had was a sling that seems to say that hurling a few well aimed rocks at a lion or lions could send the entire pack running. As a weapon of battle, the sling is given high marks — it’s a devastating weapon in the hands of someone skilled with a sling.

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