How To Make 8 Primitive Weapons

  • Primitive weapons can be very useful for hunting and protection. It would be great to take some time and learn how to make these weapons. They are not hard to make if you follow the instructions in the following videos. Once you have made these weapons the first time you will have the skills to make them anytime you may need them. These idea comes from SecretsOfSurvival where you can read more about primitive weapons.


    Blowguns have been and can still be used to hunt small game (Cherokee Indians in North America used river cane to hunt rabbits and other small animals); they can also be used with tranquilizer darts to capture wildlife or stun caged dangerous animals for short periods of time. Blowgun darts are small, light weight arrows with a feathered end (fletch), which aids in the dart staying on course once shot.

    How To Make A Laser Assisted Blowgun

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