How to Get Federal Assistance To Build A Storm Shelter

  • I did not know that federal assistance was even possible. I am so glad I found this article to share with you. I know a vast majority of us can’t afford to build a storm shelter but a lot of us can through the help of the government. Now, I know a lot of us don’t want to rely on the government but chances are if you don’t earn a lot you could get a grant to build one. You don’t pay grants back! Even if you earn a lot you can get special financing that is lower than banks so if you think about it, it’s a win win for us all! Even if you don’t need a shelter, this knowledge could help a lot of people so let them know!

    Sources For Safe Room Funding as of 5/15/2015

    If you are considering building a safe room you can find information about various types funding below.

    Some of the available funding include:

    – Community Development Block Grant Funds
    – FHA Mortgage Insured Financing
    – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funds
    – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funds
    – Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program Funds
    – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grants (PDM) and Safe Rooms

    For project eligibility and financial assistance questions, please contact your State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO). Your SHMO can advise you on what information must be provided for your project to be considered for funding, as well as any applicable federal, state and local design requirements. Your SHMO will also be able to provide you with information on funding sources.

    Find more about safe room funding here…

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