How To Defend Yourself When It Hits The Fan

  • You should train in a system that teaches you to defend common attacks, encourages aggression when appropriate, limits ground work at the beginning levels, works in multiple attacker scenarios on a regular basis and teaches empty hand vs. weapons at the lower levels. You need to be willing to scratch, bite, or dig your thumb in someone’s eye and be willing to hit someone with a lamp, run them over with a car, plunge a butcher knife into them, or stab them in the neck with a pen. Leslie over at shares how to defend yourself.

    Self defense skills are absolutely vital for anyone planning to survive a SHTF situation.

    We don’t know when such a situation might occur or what form it will take. It could be a natural disaster, an economic collapse, or any number of other things.

    But one thing’s for sure: when it does happen, you need to know how to defend yourself.

    The following video from Ethical Preparedness on YouTube outlines some self defense skills that aren’t discussed often, but that are vitally important.

    They include:

    • Only use deadly force as a LAST RESORT.

    • Only use deadly force to save a life, not just to take a life.

    • Prepare yourself mentally for SHTF every day.

    • Train often with your weapons; not just “point and shoot” at a station target, but moving targets as well.

    Find more ways to defend yourself here…

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