How To Deal With A Dog Attack While Taking A Walk Or Riding A Bike

  • Dogs don’t generally attack unless they are aggressive, provoked, scared or feel that their territory has been violated. This means that there are times when a situation can be diffused before it gets to the point when a dog is ready to bite your arm off. However, there are also things that you can do once an attack is underway to gain the upper hand, even if the dog is biting you.  Jared over at share ways to fend off a dog attack.

    Here are a few things to consider when facing a threat from a canine that is out of control.

    Diffuse the Situation

    If you are in an open space, you can try to stand your ground and gaze at the dog somewhere along his body. Don’t gaze directly into it’s eyes, but let the dog know that you are not scared. There is a good chance the dog will back down and give you your space as you assert your dominance. If you are in an enclosed space, do not rush to get closer to the animal, and don’t run away either. Turn your body sideways to reduce your profile and look at his body before walking away.

    In both cases, you are asserting your dominance and letting the dog know that you are standing your ground without being a threat. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it should be the first thing that you do. Most attacks occur after the dog provides ample warning through barking or growling, and using this phase to your advantage can help to avoid problems from escalating.

    Use a Stick or Other Object

    You can also use a stick, cane, umbrella or any other object that you can put in front of you to enlarge your personal space. You will appear as a bigger threat to the dog, and this may be enough to scare it off or cause it to back down. If the dog lurches at you in attack mode, you can slap the stick on the ground, swat at the dog or hit it if necessary.

    If an Attack is Imminent

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