Find Out Why A Homemade Fire Piston Is Handier Than Having A Lighter

  • You should take all the safety precautions necessary in building your own device, as with any project. But the final outcome of this project is truly awesome and will leave you shouting, “I made fire!” like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

    Building your own fire piston is not that complicated. There are only a few materials you need to complete the building process, and after it is all put together, you will have the ability to kindle a fire anywhere.

    All you’ll need are these materials:

    • A wooden rod
    • A copper tube
    • Carbonized cotton
    • A blowtorch
    • Flux
    • A knob
    • A copper plug
    • 2 O rings
    • A saw
    • Tin
    • Vaseline

    The video gives you a good step by step guide on how to put all the materials together in order to get the very best outcome from the FIRE PISTON. The process is not complicated at all and will give you a sure fire way to get your fires started.

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