Easy Survival Biscuits

  • Survival Biscuits

    In my search for articles on survival food I ran across this article by John Rourke over at Seasoned Citizen Prepper on easy to make survival biscuits using a package of biscuit mix and water. Yes, that is all that is needed other that a device to cook the biscuits.

    Food is my major concern when looking at my preps. I feel like I could just never have enough. At this point I have a large variety of types of food including common grocery store items as well as dehydrated and freeze dried.

    I stopped by a local Sunbeam Bread Outlet store and saw a display of different bread mixes. What caught my eye was these were “Just add water“.

    I picked up a few for $1.29 each and just tried the Country Biscuit Mix Sunday morning. Super simple to make. Like I said – “just add water” and then cook.

    Click Through to the original article by John Rourke for the rest of the story.

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