DIY Waterproof Survival FIRE Kit For Camping And Emergencies

  • You can make and take this waterproof survival fire kit with you anywhere. This fire kit has 3 sources of ignition and tinder to make fire and keep you alive. Great for camping, hunting, survival, emergencies, bug out bags, get home bags and for including in other emergency or survival kits. Materials needed (Details in YouTube  video) – Witz Waterproof Case, Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly, Triple Antibiotic, Zip Seal Bag, 2 Lighters, Duct Tape, UCO Waterproof Matches, Wet Fire, Magnesium Fire Starter.

    Watch the video, DIY Waterproof Survival FIRE Kit for Bug Out Bags / Survival Kits / Get Home Bags / Camping…

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