Disaster Survival Depends On Physical Fitness

  • Physcial Fitness For Survival

    Learning how to filter water, stocking lots of food, and self-defence are all important abilities, but all those preparations will be wasted if you are not physically capable of going out in to the disaster area and setting your survival skills to use.  The guys over at Survivally dot com have done a great job identifying eight basic traits of physical fitness that will play a role during your overall survival experience.

    It doesn’t matter what type of disaster you’re prepping for, there are a lot of components that go into being fully prepared—if it’s even possible to be fully prepared for anything!

    When SHTF and the emergency broadcast comes on, you’ll be tasked with getting everyone in your family to a designated safe area and selecting a survival plan to follow.

    There’s so much to take into account. Is your bug-out bag on hand and stocked with gear? Are you equipped with a firearm and is it loaded?

    If you’re bugging out, is your shelter stocked with food, water and other gear you’ll need to survive in the long term?

    Are you mentally and psychologically prepared for what’s about to happen?

    These are all important considerations that everyone must take into account whilst preparing for, and immediately following, a disaster.

    Bear in mind that using vehicles will be an unlikely luxury and backbreaking work will be inevitable.

    With that said, one of the most overlooked aspects of disaster survival is physical fitness.

    After all, survival is all about variables and overcoming adversity. Will you have to walk or run for long distances to get to safety? Will you have to fight your way through mobs of looters and bandits (or zombies)? Will there be obstacles blocking your path?

    The inevitable answer to all these questions is YES, but are you physically prepared to fight or take flight for an indefinite amount of time when the catastrophe strikes?

    Fitness is an incredibly important part of surviving any disaster. It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping for a hurricane, a global pandemic or the zombie apocalypse; the importance is the same.

    Learning how to filter water, catch food and defend yourself will all be important skills, but they will all go to waste if you’re not physically able to go out into the post-disaster world and put them to use.

    Far too many preppers are resting on the laurels of their college football days or military experience. They talk the talk, they gear themselves up and they claim they fear nothing and are prepared for anything. Yet can they perform the simple task of donning their rifles and bug-out bags and jogging nonstop for a mile?

    In a life-or-death survival situation, your knowledge and skills are only going to get you so far. Without physical fitness, you’re eventually going to have to pay the piper.


    There are eight basic traits of physical fitness that will play a role in your overall survival:

    Cardiovascular health

    Click through to the original article at survivally.com to learn more about fitness skills that will help you during a survival situation.

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