Buying a Shotgun Silencer Just Got Easier

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  • The SilencerCo company that makes and markets shotgun silencers out of West Valley City, Utah, offer legal advice and will help you get your own gun silencer for a fee.

    Here’s an excerpt from CNNMoney about this company and buying a silencers for a shotgun:

    For a fee of $130, SilencerCo provides legal counsel to help customers leap the hurdles required for silencer approval.

    The company says it will eliminate certain pre-purchase requirements, including written approval from a local chief law enforcement officer and buyer fingerprinting.

    It will enable the use of silencers among family members.

    Protect against potential future regulatory restrictions.Provide for the orderly transition of ownership upon death of the owner.

    Watch the video for a shotgun silencer in action…

    Dove hunters using the shotgun silencer…

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