Buying a Shotgun Silencer Just Got Easier

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  • Gun silencers are gaining popularity in the United States. Gun silencers have been around since the early 1900s. However, the world's first shotgun suppressor is just now available on the gun rack, thanks to a company called SilencerCo from Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Gun silencers are regulated by the government more than most guns. The problem is that it can take months to get one. With such government red tape most people do not bother getting one.

    A silencer is a device that you attach to the barrel of a gun to dampen the sound of gunfire. It diffidently keeps the noise down.

    Have you ever heard of a shotgun silencer?


    Listen to a shotgun silencer demo
    Learn about buying a shotgun silencer
    Watch while a dove hunters demonstrated the use of a shotgun silencer
    Watch a Russian having fun blasting different things with a shotgun silencer attached to his shotgun…

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