Build The Best Survival Kits for Wilderness or Urban Environments

  • So when it comes to wilderness or urban survival, being prepared is just common sense, and you should insert a healthy dose of that  into any disaster or emergency planning. Craig Caudill over at shares his thoughts on Survival Kits for Rural or Urban Environments.

    Survival Kits for Rural or Urban Environments

    I was asked to put together written material that would cover the topics of my wilderness and urban survival kits. I am happy to do that here in about as much detail as I have ever put down.

    What’s In My Survival Kit

    I am always hesitant to show what is in my kit simply because it is MY kit and not yours. We often get too dependent and focused on gear rather than focusing on what our needs are. Some would say it is a philosophical difference that I have with most survival gurus out there today who are selling the next, best piece of gear. So before moving forward let’s make sure we all understand what our needs are in the order of importance:

    • Personal safety. This includes ways to not be in trouble in the first place, and first aid gear.
    • Core body temp. Items that will help us stay warm, clothes, shelter, and fire making materials.
    • Hydrated. Anything that will help us stay hydrated. Carrying water itself, or water filters.
    • Food. Calories are energy, they come in many forms, pack what you can comfortably carry.

    Now that we have that in there, let’s make sure we understand something before we go any further.

    The kits that I am describing for you here are MY kits. Keep in mind I live in a semi-rural area. That means I live in a neighborhood with houses, but also can be on wide open space in just minutes. So for me, I carry a rural kit (most often referred to as a wilderness kit) and then I have an urban kit as well. In the video below I detail it all extensively.

    Watch the video, Wilderness vs Urban Survival Kits…

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