Best Items For Protecting Yourself And Your Family During A Threatening Situation

  • Carrying simple self-defense items will enable you with positive methods for self protection. We ought to never let anxiety about the unpredicted dangers control our way of life. Being prepared with personal self-defense weapon, and planning for taking care of yourself if required, is really a smart action to take. Erica over at Living Life In Rural Iowa provides in the original article essential information for protecting yourself and family member

    When you go out for the day, do you know where you are going? Are you aware of potential situations that may impact you? How do you plan to protect yourself (and loved ones) if danger threatens you?

    Those are questions I think about everyday. They are not easy questions, but they need to asked just the same. Many people think the officers of the law will protect or they will depend of the kindness of strangers to protect them, but that is not good enough for my family and I.

    Personal protection and awareness is just that: being aware of yourself in your surroundings. You should have the skills to be aware of the dangers of almost any situation and the smarts to understand how to deal with that situation.

    Being smart and recognizing who and what is around can already save your life. Then you need to move onto how you will protect yourself if you are threatened.

    I believe in multiple levels of defense. You should be ready to practice self-defense at any time. You should be ready to physically extract yourself from a dangerous situation. Taking self-defense classes is one of the best things you can do.

    You should also carry items to help defend yourself. You should carry one or more of these items:
    Pepper spray
    Stun gun
    Pistol or revolver that is comfortable and legal to carry

    I have multiples of these items on my person or in my EDC at almost all times. My college daughter carries pepper spray and a knife which does not violate her college's weapons policy. My teenage daughter carries a knife with her that does not ever go into her school. The key to carrying any of these things is to keep them concealed as to have the advantage and to know the weapons policy of the places you frequent.

    Another key is to have the skills and smarts to use these items. Practice with them. Learn to use them correctly. Learn what situation they should be used in and why. Understand the pros and cons of everything you carry to protect yourself. Teach others about using them or to not touch those things.

    When you are aware of the situation around you and have the tools to deal with the potential dangers, you will be better able to protect yourself.

    Source: Erica over at Living Life In Rural Iowa

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