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  • Mental Survival Preparedness

    When faced with having to survive, the surroundings can be cruel and unforgiving unless you are prepared mentally. Unfortunately most people do not prepare mentally while they are preparing their survival kit and plans for survival. Tess Pennington over at Ready Nutrition has prepared an excellent article to help explain the importance for preparing oneself and family members mentally for what to expect during an emergency and how to keep focused and calm.

    Having the right frame of mind to handle the stresses before and after a disaster is a key component to surviving the event. Mental preparation is usually the last item one prepare’s for. Without mental preparedness for a given situation, many succumb to the traumatic event, due to distress, shock, indecision or panic. When it comes to survival techniques, there are many who feel confidant with their knowledge and skills, but without the will to overcome a given situation, panic will set in and mistakes will be made.
    The Mental Game

    Fear can strike at the heart of anyone that allows it to, thus causing them unwanted stress and anxiety. Mental preparation for a given situation can create a resilience in them that can keep a person moving on. Maintaining a positive attitude and using seeds of hope in the wake of a disaster, can literally keep a person alive, and keep them putting one foot in front of the other. When a person begins to lose their sense of self, and begin to doubt they will see another tomorrow, they need to cling to their higher hope.

    There are many ways of maintaining and keeping the right mind frame. For many, there own stubbornness can see them through the disaster. For others, they will need to use other methods.

    Maintain the will to live, no matter what.
    Adapt to the situation and use ingenuity.
    Be proactive and find anything that can alleviate the situation.
    There is more than one solution to the problem. All one needs to do is to find it.
    Having a goal (survival plan, see loved ones again, revenge).
    Go with the flow. And make the best of it.
    Refusing to give into negative core beliefs (not smart enough, not good enough, unlovable, defective, powerless, not safe, etc).

    If a person is in a situation where they feel powerless, there are two scenarios that could play out. They will either imagine themselves as a hero and figuring a way out, or imagine themselves as a victim. When playing stories out in one’s head, the mind does not know if the story is real or not real, it just plays the story out as it unfolds. If a person imagines themselves being decisive and controlling their fears and acting rational, then the mind will only know to act this way in the future. If the person imagines themselves hiding and afraid, then they will train their mind to act in this manner.


    Source: Tess Pennington over at Ready Nutrition

    Image Credit: Prepper Preparedness

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