An Easy Way To Make A DIY Paracord Survival Bracelet

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  •  Follows Angela's step-by-step Do-It-Yourself instructions over at to make you own paracord survival bracelet. The instructions are clear along with easy to follow photos that shows you how to make the bracelet.

    Making a bracelet from paracord (also called parachute cord) is a relatively easy project.  We did this together as a family and even my 8 year old got one made with not too much help from mom.  A paracord bracelet gives you approximately 8-10 feet of usable cord that you can wear wherever you go.  You could also make it longer and use it for a dog or cat collar.  Although there are varieties made with just paracord and no buckles, we made ours with side release buckles to make it a little easier to get on and off and more secure once it was fastened on.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    About 10 feet of 550 Paracord. I got mine at the Army Surplus store, but you can find it online at places like CampingSurvival and The Supply Captain.  The bracelet needs about a foot for every inch, but varies quite a bit depending on how tight you tie and how many knots you squish into an inch.

    Side Release Buckle. These are also available online.  Mine are 3/8″ size, but you men might want a little larger size–these are a bit tedious to manipulate with hands larger than a lady’s.

    Flame source like a lighter for melting the ends of your paracord.


    How to make your bracelet step by step:

    1. Find the middle of your length of paracord by folding it in half.

    Stick the folded middle loop through one side of your buckle.  This is my OCD showing, but it looks nicer if you put your loop in the top of the buckle hole rather than up from the bottom.  If your buckle is small, you may need forceps to pull the folded cord through the slot.

    Once you have your loop through the hole, thread the rest of the cord through the loop to fasten it to the buckle.

    2. Loop the cord around your wrist with the buckle attached.


    Find more instructions and photos to make your DIY Pararcord Bracelet here…

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