An Easy Way To Grow Onions Indoors

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  • If you don’t have the space for a garden outside, you can still grow onions indoor. You can have an endless supply of them if you do it just right since onions are a cut and grow again vegetableThey actually regrow from the original stock with roots. The site 101 Ways To Survive shares how to get started and growing onions indoor.

    Grow Onions Indoors the Easy Way

    Getting Started
    All you need is some onion bulbs, proper soil and an empty five liter plastic bottle.  The idea is to turn the empty bottle into a vertical growing tower that can support multiple rows of onions.  Thoroughly wash, rinse and remove the label from the bottle.  Take some scissors and cut a series of holes around the sides of the bottle that are at least an inch in diameter.  Try to stagger the holes from row to row, placing each hole about an inch apart.

    Some people suggest that you remove the top of the bottle just below the neck, whereas others say that the bottle will be stronger if it remains intact.  If you cut off the neck, the bottle will expand as the onions grow.  The concern is that it can burst and cause the soil and onions to fall out.  However, keeping the bottle intact will limit the size of the onions, but they may end up maturing faster.  Experiment with both options and see which one works best for you.

    Add a layer of your favorite soil mixture until it just reaches the bottom of the first row of holes.  Place the onion bulbs or sprouts atop the soil with their heads facing out through the holes.  This will allow the onions to grow outward and increase the amount that you can produce in a single container.  Loosely pack some more soil atop the onions and repeat the process for each row until you reach the top.

    Don’t pack the soil too tight because water will need to percolate through the bottle.  Don’t forget to puncture a couple of small holes through the bottom of the container as well.  This will provide drainage and prevent the bottom rows of onions from rotting.  Make sure that the green tops of all of the onions are poking through the holes and facing up and out.

    Growing Onions Indoors

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