A Disoriented Hiker Snaps Her Leg And Gets Out Alive

  • Crawling Woman

    I want to share with you a true story about a hiker that fell off a 50-foot cliff, broke her leg and crawled to safety in three days. This is a survival story where the hiker left behind everything she had and survived with only the clothes on her back.

    When I came to after I fell off the 50-foot cliff, I looked at my broken and bloody legs and realized I was in big trouble. I was lucky to be alive, but I was alone, without supplies, and no one knew where I was.

    I had set out with my boyfriend the previous day to sneak in an overnight while the late-summer Oregon weather was at its finest. Our first choice for a campsite on Mt. Defiance was crowded, so we redirected to nearby Bear Lake, a smaller, less popular location with only one established site. But when we reached the lake we were underwhelmed. So we decided to leave our packs on the trail, split up, and search out a prettier, more secluded spot. Of course it wasn’t smart to leave my pack—and map, compass, headlamp, water bottle, everything—behind, but who hasn’t done something like it before?

    Almost as soon as I left the trail, I got turned around in the thick forest at dusk. I should’ve called out to my boyfriend, but I didn’t believe I could really be lost. Instead, I walked to a high vantage point to reorient myself.

    As the last of the light faded, I beat a path back toward the trail. I was scanning for our packs when I stepped right off of the ledge and fell 50 feet into a narrow canyon. I heard a snapping sound as I landed legs-first on a pile of rocks, and in the brief moment before I passed out from the pain, I remember one thing: bewilderment.

    The next day, the agony was unimaginable. My left leg was broken at the tibia and I could see the bone bulging against the skin.


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