9 Wild Teas for Survival That Provides Medicinal And Nutritional Benefits

  • We hope it never happens, but in these times you never know what’s going to be thrown your way. An earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, terrorist attack, all could force you out of your home. All are bad situation for sure. What would you do if you were forced out of your home, and had to “ruff” it? One thing you want to do is stay hydrated and good way to do that is drinking tea made from plants, fruits, and tree bark.

    Here are just a few type of teas you can make:

    • Willow Bark Tea
    • Acorn/Oak Bark Tea
    • Elderberry/Elderflower Tea
    • Blackberry Leaf Tea
    • Mint Tea
    • Nettle Tea
    • Pine Needle Tea
    • Dandelion Tea
    • Milk Thistle Tea

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