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    When thinking about alternative light sources when the electric goes out, what do you think about? I want to share with you 9 alternative light sources other than a standard flashlight. The great thing is that you may already have most of these light sources in you home. Some of these items should also be included in your food storage and survival kit. This awesome original information can be seen over at http://foodstorageandsurvival.com.

    So the lights go out and you feel around to get the flashlight that you had stashed in its secure location on top of the refrigerator (stepping on somebody’s blocks and toy soldiers in the dark on the way) and to your horror you find that your handy flashlight isn’t there! Someone used it and didn’t put it back. So you stumble through your house to your bathroom and find the flashlight you keep there with dead batteries. Yep, this actually happened at my house once.Fortunately, I believe in having a backup plan, and usually a backup to that backup plan, so what else can you use to get some light in your house while the power is out?

    Here are 9 great emergency light sources when you’re not using your trusty flashlight.

    1. Any backlit electronic device you have handy. Your cell phone, laptop, tablet computer, mp3 player, even an indiglo wristwatch will give off enough light to get you to another light source.

    2. Lighter. Your lighter isn’t going to put out enough light to eat dinner by, but it can get you enough light to find another source of light.

    3. Candles. Keep a few somewhere you’ll be able to get to them fairly easily.

    4. Fire. This works outside of course, but if you have a fireplace or wood/coal stove in your house.

    5. Light sticks. These are great for the kids for a morale boost.

    6. Gas stove. The flame from a gas stove isn’t very “bright”–it burns mostly blue flame.

    7. Oil lamps. You can use these with lamp oil, cooking oil, or kerosene.

    8. Solar lights. Check out the D.Light line for some inexpensive, durable options. Or use those solar outdoor path lights.

    9. Camping lantern. These are the lanterns that use Coleman type fuel either in a pressurized tank or in the screw on bottles.

    There you go. No reason to go about living in the dark even if all your flashlight batteries are dead.


    Information Source: Angela Over At Food Storage and Survival

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