5 Ways A Pine Tree Can Boost Your Survival

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  • When It Hits The Fan, many may not have years, months or even weeks worth of food stored up… let alone medicine, a bug out plan, and shelter.

    Even for those that have worked hard to prepare, there still are no guarantees. What if you are somewhere other than home when the big one hits, or a disaster forces an evacuate without all the stored survival food and stuff?

    God forbid that happens… but if it happens then you will have to go back to the basics.

    Going back to basics requires knowing how to use nature to your advantage. The problem is that most people can not identify edible plants, let alone knowing how to use them for things other than just food. And I’ll bet even well-versed survivalists didn’t know that the pine tree can be incredibly useful in a survival situation for shelter, medicine, and yes – even food.

    Don’t believe me? Read on to learn more.

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