5 Best Exercises for Preppers To Get In Shape Before The Apocalypse

  • Your overall physical fitness and health could cause you to be either the greatest asset or the weakest link in a survival situation. If you are like the many who are arming themselves and family with tools for survival, just in case, then you will be happy to know that many fitness coaches have come up with a few helpful ideas that are sure to be useful to you and your family in times of disaster as well as in times of stability. Dan vale has come up with 5 of the best exercises for preppers that he shares over at 5very.best.

    The most likely injuries that preppers, if they are out of shape, would face during an emergency are probably strained muscles or sprained ligaments. When such a strain or sprain happens to a muscle or ligament of the spinal column, the injury can be especially disabling. An even worse happening would be a heart attack.

    This article discusses 5 best exercises for preppers that will minimize the chances of these unfortunate experiences occurring, either during normal times or during an emergency.  You might also want to check out this article covering the 5 best pieces of exercise equipment which can serve dual purposes in time of emergency.  As with any exercise program, it is important to get the opinion of a doctor before proceeding, especially for those who are out of shape.

    Why stretching is considered one of the best exercises for preppers

    The first best exercise is stretching. To avoid strained muscles or sprained ligaments, it is important to stretch muscles and ligaments every day, after a light, short warmup. During an emergency, there probably will not be time enough to warm up and stretch before exerting maximum physical efforts. Nevertheless, the chances of straining muscles or spraining ligaments are less likely when a body is stretched every day than when a body is not stretched every day. Stretching the hamstring muscles is especially important to reduce the chances of straining muscles or spraining the ligaments in the spinal column.

    Stretching: Best exercises for preppers

    Sit-ups and Superman Exercise

    The second and third best exercises are the sit up and some variation of the “superman exercise.” These exercises strengthen the stomach and back muscles that help to stabilize the spinal column. Both of these exercises reduce the chances of a strain of muscles or a sprain of ligaments in the spinal column. Such an injury could occur, for example, when a prepper is shoveling snow during a blizzard or even during a normal snowfall.

    superman exercise


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