47 Amazing Hacks Every Camper And Backpacker Should Know

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  • Camping and backpacking are fantastically fun experiences but they can sometimes be tough, however with these 47 hacks you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more than ever before. With everything from saving time and space to first aid and creature comforts this list has plenty of amazing hints, tips and tricks which you’ll need for your next escape to the great outdoors. mixer2mower.com has put together an amazing list of 47 hacks for campers and backpackers.

    With summer always comes camping trips, and with camping trips comes opportunities for awesome outdoor projects and tricks to impress your friends. When camping, you don’t need to go without AC or electronics if you know how to generate solar or wind power.

    You don’t need to limit yourself to s’mores and hotdogs if you know tricks to cooking out. Your kids will be occupied with tons of fun craft projects they can do right at the campsite if you come prepared. You can even impress your friends by making a colored campfire.

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    Can Camp Stove
    An efficient, mini stove made from aluminum cans is a handy piece of survival gear.


    Soft Cast Using Duct Tape
    For emergency first aid, you can wrap a sprained or broken arm in toilet paper and duct tape until you can seek professional medical attention.


    A-frame Survival Shelter
    For the true survivalist, learn how to make a classic A-frame shelter.

    Hand Washing Station
    This clever setup gives you the perfect hand washing station for your camping trip.


    Campfire Banana Boats
    What’s not to love about bananas filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips and then cooked over a campfire?


    Solar Charged Stereo Cooler
    Use the sun to power your music with the solar powered stereo set up in a cooler for convenient transport.


    Shoe Organizer into Campsite Kitchen Organizer
    To keep track of all your cooking supplies (and keep them off the ground), use a shoe organizer.



    Camping Light From Gallon Jug
    Head Lamp plus gallon jug makes superb camping light.


    Pocket Sized Fire
    An Altoids case, cardboard, and wax can create an easy-to-start pocket sized fire for your survival needs.


    For all 47 hacks head over to mixer2mower.com here…

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