3 Easy Tips To Weatherproof Your Guns

  • One of the bad things about hunting during bad weather is that it is hard on rifles. Wet weather can rust steel in no time flat and a wooden stock that soaks up to much moisture can swell, exert pressure on the barrel of a rifle and cause its zero to shift enough to miss a deer. You can easily foil Old Man Weather by spending a few minutes and preparing your rifle for weather conditions you may face during your hunting trips.

    Here are some tips to help ensure that your favorite rifle will stand up to any foul-weather conditions Mother Nature might throw at you this season.

    With these three steps, your rifle should be good to go for just about any weather you would possibly face.

    Oil: One of the best way to prevent rust on your rifles is to use an oil wipe such as Gunslick’s rust preventative. You want to apply oil all surfaces of the barrel and action (with the exception of the bore). When done on a daily basis, it will stop corrosion.

    Watch the video for more advice on oiling…

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