15 Different DIY Survival Kits For Any Emergency You May Encounter

  • homestead-and-survival.com has put together a collection of 15 different DIY survival kits for different types of emergencies you may encounter. There really is no one survival kit to fit all possible survival situations.┬áPlanning for an emergency includes many steps like making a survival kit. Here are a variety of DIY survival kits you can make for almost any situation.

    A survival kit is important to have during an emergency or if a disaster happens to occur. However, you may be surprised to know you can easily make an assortment of DIY survival kits for any emergency situation.

    1. A winter emergency vehicle kit is vital when traveling in cold weather.


    2. This bathroom survival kit is great to have for first aid.


    3. Here is a dollar store survival kit for your car or truck.


    4. How about a survival kit for a road trip?


    5. This is a survival kit that you can use when camping.


    6. Here is a survival kit for the extreme backpacker.


    7. How about a survival kit for the day hiker?



    Find more DIY survival kit ideas here…

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