112 Different Ways Baking Soda Can Be Used Around The Homestead

  • Our friends over at survivalkit.com has put together a collection of 112 different ways to use baking soda. If you have others ways to use baking soda at home or in a survival situation, let us know in the comments section below. I want to hear them. So far, these are the ways I have read about how people use baking soda!

    Week after week I’m amazed at all of the uses for common household product. This list contains a lot of the uses that were used back in WWII. However, as my family and I collaborate we find that we use the products for more modern things too. To continue honoring the ways of the WWII housewives I’ve highlighted (in red) our modern housewives contributions to this list.

    I’m flabbergasted at how much this $1.00 box of baking soda can do. If I were to add up how much I spent on name brand products over the years that did the same thing that this little box of baking soda can do, I’m sure it would be well into the 1,000′s of dollars. That just blows my mind!

    28 Health And Beauty Uses

    11 Cooking Uses

    15 Kitchen Uses

    7 Bathroom Uses

    5 Laundry Uses

    17 General Cleaning Uses

    4 Kids Uses

    6 Pets Uses

    5 Outdoor Uses

    3 Garden Uses

    2 Bug Uses

    3 Car Uses

    6 Miscellaneous Uses

    Read more on each of these baking soda uses in the original article over at Survival Kits.

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