10 Homemade Energy Bar Recipes That Are Easy To Make and An Inexpensive Way to Refuel

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  • Fresh foods from the garden in green smoothies and fresh fruit smoothies are some of the best natural energy drinks you could consume. But sometimes we all just need a healthy energy bar.

    Good for travel, camping, backpacking, and survival situation, energy bars are often grabbed for a convenient quick meal or snack. The problem is that many of the store bought energy bars are lacking in many of the important nutrients you need for energy and to keep fueled for the demands of the day.

    In fact, it’s unfortunate, but many of the protein and energy bars on the market are actually not healthy. The majority of protein bars are high in soy as a common primary source of protein, and also high in sugar.

    For every day use, casual hiking, biking, commuting and snacks at work and home, homemade energy bars are tasty and easy to make.

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